Changing The visual appeal of Visio’s Data Graphics

At the point Whenever you have connected a Visio drawing into a data source and implemented Data Graphics to the contours, the images are stored inside the drawing wherein they were made. Therefore, where you have created a number of new Data Graphics in a diagram, on the off chance that you try to use these in progressive diagrams you would not have the choice to.

One solution To this is to copy a shape that already has the picture applied to a different diagram. At the point once the shape has been copied across to the new diagram it may safely be deleted but the Information Graphic which was applied to the first will now have become a part of this new diagram and may be used to format any number of new shapes.

To modify an Present data graphic basically right snap until Edit Data Graphic appears on the shortcut menu. The dialog box that opens will let you edit different components, including:

  • Colour by value
  • Data bars
  • Icon sets
  • Functions and formulae

Once the Editing is complete the new picture can be used to alter any shape on the drawing; essentially pick the shape , then snap the picture in the task pane to use it.

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Where a Diagram has been associated with more than one data source the information from each source is displayed on another tab at the Ecternal Data window. A data source can be removed from the diagram by right-clicking the External Data window and selecting Remove while pointing in a particular data source. To find the information that is linked, choose Properties from the short cut menu.

There are Various formatting alterations possible data visualization course singapore, but it is also easy to modify a shape based on material or according to a specific condition. This manner it is not dissimilar to the partitioning features found in Microsoft Excel, but in Visio’s case it provides another dimension to visualizing information by implementing different graphical formatting to shapes based on their values. The professional version of Visio includes some default data images that may be modified to fit your purposes, although in many instances it is much better to create another data picture specifically for that diagram you would like to link the information to.

You can use As many images as you need in a diagram, and there’s an unending assortment of new graphic shapes which may be created. There’s a degree of caution to be used , however, as diagrams may quickly become disorderly and when many different graphical formats are implemented it may be more difficult to find the true patterns. Like many things simplicity is often the most reliable path to follow for successful communication.